Molding, Wainscoting, and Millwork

Clients sometimes ask me if they should put moldings, wainscoting, or paneling up in certain areas, and I can honestly say that I have never said no. I am a complete sucker for intricate wood work, the fancier the better, even in modern rooms. Actually, especially in modern rooms. I’m partial to white, but really there is no millwork that I don’t love. Here are some inspiring ones…

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And some room redos on a budget: 
Chandelier, Sofa, Table, Rug,
Mirror, Curtains, Ottoman

Lamp, Chandelier, Rug,
ArtChair, Table, Pillow

Chairs, Chandelier, Ottoman,
Sofa, Rug, Tables

Floor Lamp, Lamp, Buffet,
Coffee Table, Chair,
End Table, Bust, Sofa

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