BIG NEWS and Birmingham Beauty by Dana Wolter

Hi everyone!

Sorry I didn’t do a 50 favorites on Friday. I know you guys mostly like them, and they are always my most read posts. That being said, I have some big changes to announce.

First, this blog is going away. But it will be replaced (more in a minute). I need to change my blog title, and more importantly the website address, because of long-time problems with Google. It’s complicated and you guys will be bored, so let me just say it’s 100% necessary.

But now that I’ve decided I need to do it, I’m REALLY excited about it. I have been writing this particular blog for 11 years. I’m so proud of that and also so grateful to my readers for enabling that. But, there is a downside. The blog has become MASSIVE. It’s really expensive to host the 50,000 images. Also, it’s hard to find specific older posts even with the search because there are just so many of them. Finally, a lot of the posts are very dated and I don’t want them on the blog any more.

So, this is what is happening in the coming days and weeks.

My main site is going to be “Stacy Curran Interiors”, with the tagline Design Matters. Then the blog is going to become “Design Matters Blog.” There are two main impacts for readers: (1) the blog address and name will look different when you click old or new links. There WILL be redirects, so if you have an old post saved and you click it, or say a Pinterest image linked to the old South Shore Decorating Blog, it will go to the same post on the new Design Matters Blog page; (2) As mentioned, lots of posts will be deleted, so in that case you won’t be able to access them anymore and you will land on the new blog homepage; (3) South Shore Decorating and South Shore Decorating is gone forever. They should disappear from Google, so you’ll need to remember either Design Matters Blog or Stacy Curran Interiors to find me from Google.

Thank you all in advance for the continued support.


Ok, onto the post!

This home is one of the most impressively styled ones I’ve seen lately. It was designed by Dana Wolter and photographed by Jean Allsopp. The fabrics are all performance and meant to be kid-friendly. There is a lot of white, but stain proof can be done with the right quality fabrics. Enjoy the tour!