A Beautiful Portfolio, and An Absolutely Fabulous Shoe Store

Fletcher Rhodes (here) is another example of a designer who I think does neutrals really, really well, and has a talent for adding just the right amount of texture to keep the rooms interesting. Also, at the end, I’m sharing my newest discovery – an absolutely fabulous shore store that makes custom size and style shoes. Enjoy!


Shoe Love

I cannot overestimate how excited I am to have discovered this website last night, and to show it to you today. It is called FSJ Shoes, and I think I have been really, really missing out having not known about it. It’s simply amazing. This manufacturer makes every kind of shoe in the world and will make them custom to your size. You can customize the heel height, the width, etc. for a very reasonable price. So many of these styles I recognize as copies of Louboutin’s or Valentinos and the like. And they seem to have 12,000 five star star reviews (here).

The custom heel height is huge selling point for me. I am in love with this first shoe but since tearing my meniscus and ACL a couple of years ago, can’t wear it quite so high. But in a 3 inch? Totally!

I spent a very substantial part of yesterday bookmarking all of my favorites, below. When I ran across a shoe that I already own that I can’t even remember where I bought, I was sold on the site. I have had this shoe for years and absolutely love it. It’s beautifully made and comfortable and one of my all-time favorites that I wear virtually every Christmas eve, and turns out to be made by FSJ:

I also love that you can send them a photo of ANY shoe and they will make it for you for a really reasonable price. I saw that the website has several styles that I remember from years ago but have been long sold out (the blue star pumps from Free People and the hot pink suede flats in particular I KNOW are sold out at their original sources). I LOVE that this exists.

Here is an example of an Aquazarra shoe that I have admired for years that is now sold out, but was $865 at Neiman’s (here):

And here it is at FSJ for $85:

I hope you guys are excited about this as I am, although I am easily excitable about beautiful shoes. Enjoy!



How is that for eye candy?? Now if they would just make a site like this for handbags, I’d never shop anywhere else.