A Favorite Nashville Designer

Hi everyone! Thanks for your questions about the new blog yesterday (here if you missed it). So, I knew I’d forget something, and I did. The answer to the most asked question of whether you nee to resubscribe is no – it *should* be a seamless transfer and you’ll start seeing posts from a new email address (info@stacycurraninteriors.com), and the blog name in the email will look different (Design Matters rather than South Shore Decorating Blog). Easy right? Fingers crossed! If you follow on social media, you’ll be able to click the icons as usual to get to the newly named accounts (they will be the old accounts just renamed). Thanks again for the support and questions.

Today I have a portfolio to show you from a truly talented and diverse designer named Lori Paranjape (her Instagram, here, is one of my all time favorites). Enjoy!

Did you see that kitchen pantry with the black doors and wallpaper? What an inspiration. The first kitchen makes me want to paint my cabinets black, which has been a long-time obsession of mine that I have never indulged. Maybe soon 🙂

Here’s what I’m looking at today. These faux florals are the absolute best and worth every penny. Click to view: